Sexy Second Installment 50 Shades Darker Heats Things Up

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It doesn’t matter if you are a fan or a hater of the 50 Shades trilogy; you still want to know what all of the fuss is about. There is a real interest in the activities of these fictional people in the books. When you decide to move to the second book called 50 Shades Darker PDF, either you will be extremely excited to see what your favorite characters are doing.

Or you will be having a sour feeling in your gut that this type of foolishness even passes for literature these days. Either way the important thing is that for some reason you care and that is very good for author E.L. James. As she crafted these steamy or seedy love scenes on the pages of the book, the world was hooked and there is something that people can relate to.

There is a love affair or a hate fest inside each person and there are very few in between. Like all literature this book manages to teach some valuable life lessons and all you have to do is pay attention to learn what they are. I wanted to share with you the lessons that I learned from the fifty Shades Darker PDF.

Fifty Shades Darker PDF

Sex Sells Books

One of the biggest things that 50 Shades of grey brought the world was intimate and detailed sex scenes that people apparently enjoyed reading about. After the initial success of the first book, then you expected a bit of the same in the second installment which can be read on the 50 Shades Darker PDF. E.L. James did not disappoint.

As many avid readers clearly stated on chat sites all over the world. “I couldn’t put it down, because there was just so much sex in it!” That is the attraction of the book and seeing your favorite characters mix and mingle in different erotic situations seems to be the thing that makes all people all hot and heavy for the next installment.

Even though sex clearly sells books it is the sex that makes the story so controversial. Those who like reading the sex scenes are clearly comfortable with their sexuality but looking for something more in their own lives than they are currently getting.

 Fifty Shades Darker

Most healthy people are not participating in affairs with all sorts of people because they are committed to just one. Women though clearly put themselves into the role of Anastasia Steele and live vicariously through all of her experiences.

For those who absolutely dislike the books, I am not sure why they read them, but clearly they do. The only reason this seems to be the case is to provide them with an arrogant air of superiority that exists when a person looks at the 50 Shades Darker PDF and sees weak people who can’t control their emotions.

This judgment reveals a lot more about them than it does about the book however. It is easy to criticize a book or a theme of sex but in reality most of these people probably need a little more physical loving than they have gotten in their lives.

If someone has a healthy and satisfying physical sex life there isn’t any reason to be judgmental and critical of someone else’s lifestyle choice.

Even if they are fictional and not real people seem to be threatened by the image of Christian Grey getting his action however he sees fit. Men who judge wish they were him and women who judge wish they knew him. Otherwise these people would spend less time reading the books and more time living their lives and developing healthy sex lives of their own.

The 50 Shades Darker PDF brings a lot of new characters into the story because there has to be some new forms of controversy and let’s face it more opportunities to have sex.

Clearly, even though we live in a society where there are no real limits on the types of sexual acts that can be seen on television and in movies, people are not getting their fantasy lives fulfilled. As all the Greys begin to show up in the pages of this book there are more and more stories revealed that explain why the characters of Anastasia and Christian are the way they are.

From the sexy Elana Lincoln who was an older lover for Christian to the creepy, touchy feely boss of Anastasia there are reasons revealed for the behavior of the people in the story.

No matter how you feel about the 50 Shades series, if you have a feeling at all then it is time to read the 50 Shades Darker PDF today so that you will be up on who is sleeping with whom and how they are doing it. There are a lot of people who have chronicled all of the unique sex positions and activities so that everyone can enjoy them.

Read the final book of the trilogy right here.

Fifty Shades Freed PDF

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