Fifty Shades Freed Will Leaves Readers Happy and Satisfied

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This book is the culmination of the 50 Shades series and it is clear that the 50 Shades Freed PDF leaves all of its readers satisfied with it plot, actions and of course its large amounts of descriptive and steamy sex. It is because of these steamy sex scenes that E.L. James has been able to sell so many books on the Amazon format.

There are few who can argue against the format, when this book has sold more copies online than J.K. Rowling’s seven Harry Potter books in Europe. The reason for this is pretty simple; these books involve interesting characters that seem to have sex in all sorts of interesting ways and sexual hang-ups that could keep a team of psychiatrists busy for a year nonstop.

Fifty Shades Freed PDF

However let’s take a quick look at the third and final book which provides the appropriate ending to this affair.

Now finally our two heroes, Christian Grey and Anastasia have managed to tie the knot and get married. Much of this story involves describing their honeymoon to Europe where their behavior is almost type cast to appeal to the lonely housewife. Christian tries to buy Anastasia into his power by showering her with many expensive gifts.

What girl wouldn’t like that? As the presents are given though there is a control that Christian tries to put on his lovely bride, in life and of course in the bedroom. This doesn’t go over well with Anastasia. She rebels and tries to show that while, yes, she does enjoy many gifts and they make her feel sexy and wanted, she is still an independent woman who is powerful and capable.

Fifty Shades Freed

These conflicts seem to have been created for the sole purpose of giving them a reason to have hot and creative make up sex and for E.L. James to describe it in detail. This you can clearly read in the Fifty Shades Freed PDF.

For some reason, they return to Seattle from their honeymoon to resume their lives. Although if they are rich and just like to have sex all the time, I am not sure why they need jobs but I am sure it is because Anastasia wants to prove that she is more than just a creator of new sexual positions. She has a brain too.

But when Christian puts her in charge of the magazine, it is only because she is his wife and he likes having sex with her. Anyway, Ana Gets pregnant and everyone seems shocked, and Christian does the worst thing possible and leaves her and is about to make her raise their little baby on her own.

Meanwhile the villain in the story, Jack Hyde shows up and starts to blackmail and threaten everyone in Seattle. It seems like he is not a very well adjusted man. Through all of this drama it looks like poor old Ana is going to be a single mom with no hubby to care for her needs, in sex or in gifts.

However in the end it all works out as the villain Hyde is disposed of. Christian comes to his senses and realizes that he should not leave his wife because she is pregnant when they can have some very naughty sex to make up and it can be shared with the world through the pages of 50 Shades Freed PDF.

The final book left a lot of memorable moments in the minds of the readers. One of the first was a scene which described a foreplay activity which involved Christian performing some personal grooming duties for Anastasia.

Apparently she is not very talented in handling a razor and Christian is. It seems like this is a fantasy of many women in the world as it sticks in the mind of most readers.

Like most people, when these two crazy kids head out for a drive, some unidentified person is going to try to kill them and of course it happens when Ana is driving. They are forced to drive very fast and it is very dangerous.

They are almost killed but they escape with their lives and are so happy that they of course do what anybody in that position would do. They have adrenaline sex in the car immediately after stopping. If you have read the rest of the series then you would expect nothing less from the Fifty Shades Freed PDF.

50 Shades Freed Sex

The pregnancy is the major focus of much of the story, and the reaction of the main characters. You would think that someone who is as sexually active as Ana would have a more reliable form of birth control.

That unfortunately isn’t the case I guess in Seattle as these mistakes happen and they are referred to as a ‘blip’. There is something for everyone in this final chapter of the 50 Shades trilogy, and 50 Shades Freed PDF will leave you happy and satisfied.

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